SCALA2 "smart" pumping station for water supply: constant water pressure in all taps.

May 13, 2017

Scala2 pumping station for water supply: "smart" water supply.

You know the problem when several cranes are open on the first floor, then on the second floor in the shower the water comes slowly. This is due to a pressure drop in the system, which leads to an uneven supply of water. In this condition, the water supply can not provide sufficient water intake and normal operation of any household appliances, such as a dishwasher, that a washing machine.

SCALA2 is a new generation of automatic pumping units designed for private water supply systems. SCALA2 features an integrated sensor that continuously measures the pressure at the pump outlet. If the pressure drops below the required level, the SCALA2 output immediately rises to compensate for the pressure drop, thereby achieving a constant head of water, even if you are using several draw-off points at the same time. This compact solution includes a pump, an electric motor, a membrane tank, a drive, a check valve - in a word all the necessary elements. Thanks to the built-in elements, SCALA2 automatically adjusts its operation, adapting to the flow parameters in the water supply system. The SCALA2 motor is cooled by the pumped liquid, which guarantees one of the lowest noise levels among the pumps for water supply systems on the market.

A pump that saves you money, thanks to frequency converters: the pump does not work at maximum power consumption, but consumes exactly as much as you need at the load at any given moment. On average, SCALA2 will consume only 0.4 kW. In comparison with the standard analogue pump SCALA2 energy-efficient is approximately three times. The pump is resistant to voltage drops, while the characteristics close to the nominal will be at voltages from 150 to 300 V. This is especially true for out-of-town houses, where voltage drops often disable household appliances.

Pump station Scala2 is a clear example of the improvement of equipment by the manufacturer, for the greatest comfort of the user.

At us the ACTION: to the first 5 buyers SCALA2 the discount of 10000 soms till 30/06/2017 years.

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