IMMERGAS is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of heating equipment, which for more than 40 years is considered the leader in this field.

The main reference points in the company's work for many decades remain high quality products, innovation and maximum satisfaction of the needs of end-users and business partners.

To achieve these goals, IMMERGAS has its own research and development center, creating super-modern products, and a powerful production base. As a result of this, IMMERGAS has been the undisputed leader for the last 10 years in using the latest technologies, the latest scientific developments and innovations in the production of wall-mounted gas boilers.

IMMERGAS leads the way in promoting innovative heating systems, whose task is to save energy and care for the environment. Innovative technologies from IMMERGAS have provided condensing boilers an extraordinary appeal for the cost of equipment in combination with uncompromising efficiency and technical excellence!

The headquarters of IMMERGAS is located in Brescello (Brescello), a few kilometers from the city of Parma (Parma), and there are the main production areas of the company. On 15 fully automated assembly lines, about 1,500 boilers a day are produced daily. The production potential of the plant is 500,000 boilers per year.

Each production line is equipped with a product testing system during its assembly. This system allows you to test both individual elements (gas, hydraulic, electronic components) of the future boiler, and the finished product as a whole. During the assembly, the boiler is adjusted, which allows the installer to immediately install the equipment without additional settings.

Specialty stores:

- 148 Kurmanjan Datka Str., Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, phone/fax: (+996) 312 364260

- 162/16 off., 1st floor, 2 Ch.Valixanova Str. (Ay Grand Comfort), Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, phone: (+996) 770 964260


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