Our mission
Improving the quality of life of each person by introducing innovative, energy-efficient, engineering solutions to the relevant principles of Sustainable Development.

Our values
Reliable partnership, responsibility and responsiveness.

Our Vision
To be a successful, leading and competent company providing high-quality engineering services.

Our history
In the post-transition period, which took decades, the engineering systems were not updated and not reconstructed. The equipment that serviced these systems does not meet modern requirements, is energy-intensive and with low efficiency. The goal of the company is to provide high-quality engineering consulting services and introduce innovative energy-efficient equipment. Our company was founded in 1997.

To date, we have major projects implemented with water utilities, construction and energy distribution companies, manufacturing and mining companies.

To maintain the equipment, there are several stationary service centers and outreach engineering brigades.

LLC "CIC" is the official dealer and partner: Grundfos, Danfoss, Immergas, FAF, Itron, DAB, Borger, Hepu, Flux.

We provide design, selection, supply, commissioning, training of technical personnel, warranty and service maintenance of pump and related equipment in the following segments:

  • Household - water supply for the house, heating, hot water, drainage and sewerage;
  • Engineering systems of buildings - heating, pressure boosting systems, fire extinguishing systems, water treatment system, air conditioning, wastewater;
  • Industrial (mining, processing, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, etc.) - water treatment, pumping equipment for: machine tools and mechanisms, washing and cleaning systems, surface cleaning systems, water supply, boiler feed, cooling and freezing systems, painting systems And filtration, waste water treatment, drainage of quarries, underground leaching, dust suppression, peripheral and underground drainage, etc .;
  • Water intakes, water and sewerage facilities - water supply from wells, circulating water supply, open source of water, local pumping stations, pumping equipment for water towers and pressure boosters, sewerage stations (main, district), sewerage stations for buildings and structures, flood protection .

We will try to help you in solving your engineering problems.

Specialty stores:

- 148 Kurmanjan Datka Str., Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, phone/fax: (+996) 312 364260

- 162/16 off., 1st floor, 2 Ch.Valixanova Str. (Ay Grand Comfort), Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, phone: (+996) 770 964260


Comunity International Consulting


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